Big Changes for the small medium...

I moved! All appointments will now be held at The Wholeness Center!


I believe that the divine is alive within all of us. Life's challenges can lead us astray from our path to true happiness and fulfillment. Connecting with lost loved ones and divine spiritual beings can create a life-affirming moment that gently guides us through our healing process. Communication with spirit will bring you comfort, answer questions, and help you discover your unique purpose here on earth.  

Thank you for visiting my site. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. And, if spirit moves you, it would be my honor to connect with you for a reading. Click below to learn about the different types of readings I offer.

Welcome Sara!

Sara will now be working side by side with me at The Wholeness Center! She is a gifted medium and an all around great gal.

A little about Sara...

I am a wife, a mother and an avid runner. I work in health care and have a passion for helping others while laughing and having fun.
All my life I've always felt a deep connection to God and spirit. I have felt messages from loved ones and have had many instances of knowing. I had my messages and sense of connection validated when I went for a psychic/medium reading with Colleen. Instantly I was interested and hungry to learn about my gift and how I could use it to help and heal other people.